8 Brazilian manufacturers visit China to Promote Artificial Leather

China is one of the leading importers of Brazilian artificial leather . In order to expand the Chinese market , 8 Brizilian artificial leather manufacturers will visit China to sell their products These manufacturers will travel to Donguang, And meet the representatives of chinese furniture, shoemaking, handicraft inudstries to expand new consumer markets. In addition, […]


Microfiber leather VS Real leather

Microfiber leather is the best regenerated leather, the pattern of leather is very similar to the real leather, the handle is soft as genuine leather, it is very difficult for amateur to distinguish them.  Microfiber is a kind of high grade leather newly developed in synthetic leather industry. Then you guys will have question, which […]


2018, The Year of PVC LEATHER

Last year’s PVC just stayed on shoes, rain drapes and some gimmicks. And there are no many brands focus on pvc leather. But this year it’s a blooming trend. Last year’s the fashion product of PVC is just something like put a cover in fur and coat, is is very cool. And this year it […]


Is the leather seat in our car real?

People buy cars in pursuit of high-end class, “leather seats” is absolutely standard. Sales of multiple leather seats can rub up, as a result, car companies began to use their brains. How many “leather seats” car is using genuine leather? Let’s watch it together. Watch it carefully. Let’s first find out which kinds of leather are used in the car, which is also convenient for self-identification. PU/PVC leather in fact, this is what often say leather, which is relatively low-cost […]


The Leatherworld in Dubai

This is the fourth exhibition of Leatherworld, a exhibition of three days which consisting of 34 exhibitors from 9 countries. It features a variety of luxury leather products, such as handbags from South Africa, Zebra leather made in Springbok, andmade men’s wear and women’s shoes from Italy and other artificial leather products. Ahmed Pauwels, Chief […]


The report on export of artificial leather in 2017.

As report of “artificial leather information” said: According to the newest statistical data from chinese general administration of customs shows that in December the artificial leather industry has exported 64.1 thousand tons, increase 4.1% compared with the same period of last year, increase 1% month on month. Among of total volumen, the industry of artificial […]