8 Brazilian manufacturers visit China to Promote Artificial Leather

China is one of the leading importers of Brazilian artificial leather . In order to expand the Chinese market , 8 Brizilian artificial leather manufacturers will visit China to sell their products

These manufacturers will travel to Donguang, And meet the representatives of chinese furniture, shoemaking, handicraft inudstries to expand new consumer markets. In addition, they will also attend the HongKong Pacific Leather Show in HongKong, all of them are exhibitors.

The Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong offers buyers and suppliers of leather raw materials, manufacturing technology and finished products from around the world a direct opportunity to negotiate. The Brazilian delegation last attended the show, selling a total of US $1 million worth of goods.And sales reached $6 million a year.

China is a major importer of Brazilian leather, importing US $676 million of Brazilian products in 2016, which occupied 33.25% of total Brazilian exportation, equivalent to 65.6 million square metres of leather imported last year.At the same time, 60% of Chinese artificial leather imports from Brazil are finished or semi-finished, which means high added value.

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