Microfiber leather VS Real leather

Microfiber leather is the best regenerated leather, the pattern of leather is very similar to the real leather, the handle is soft as genuine leather, it is very difficult for amateur to distinguish them.  Microfiber is a kind of high grade leather newly developed in synthetic leather industry. Then you guys will have question, which is better between microfiber leather and real leather. Let’s make an analysis for you.

Real leather is also called genuine leather, as the name implies, the leather is made from the skin stripped off by animals , usually they are from cattle skin, sheep skin, pig skin and so on, of course, precious alligator skin, ostrich skin.

After figuring out the basic concepts, now it’s time to compare the difference between real leather and microfiber leather

1. Appearance

The appearance of microfiber leather is very close to that of real leather, but if we compare carefully, we will find that the pores of the real leather surface are clearer and the lines are more natural, while the microfiber leather has no pores and there is a pattern more regular. The bottom surface of microfiber leather may have a plastic feel.

2. Weight

Generally the weight of real leather is 0.6, while the microfiber leather has 0.3-0.5. That is to say, in the same conditions, the microfiber leather is much lighter than the real leather. For example, a bag of the same size of material needs to be distinguished between the leather and the microfiber leather. You can weigh it up. The real leather is much heavier.

3 smell

Smell. Because real leather is made from animal skin, so it will have a unpleasant smell, even a little stench, if formaldehyde and heavy metal  exceed the standard in the production process, it will have an irritating smell. The smell of microfiber leather should be more delicate. But some low-end microfiber leather may have a strong plastic smell.

4. performance

Microfiber leather and real leather have very good performance, microfiber leather may be more wearable and aging resistance, real leather will be more comfortable and breathable. Of course, both of them can achieve a certain balance in comprehensive performance.

5. Price

Normally, real leather is more expensive than microfiber leather, and the price of real leather will fluctuate due to the relation between supply and demand.


Real leather and microfiber are very practical material for us, they have their own characteristics, if you consider resistance, please go for microfiber leather, and if you make a product which is breathable then you can choose real leather.

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