2018, The Year of PVC LEATHER

Last year’s PVC just stayed on shoes, rain drapes and some gimmicks. And there are no many brands focus on pvc leather. But this year it’s a blooming trend. Last year’s the fashion product of PVC is just something like put a cover in fur and coat, is is very cool. And this year it has become an independent product, half skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, shirts, waistcoats, and you can see it in every collection.

Even so, most of the items which is made of PVC is coats. All kinds of windcoats are overflowing and transparent like rain drapes continue to be popular. In addition, the female protagonists in black, blue ,range and red(high saturation) and checkered PVC trench coats are put on sale consecutively, there will be a feeling that we are in 80s. Compared with other items, windcoats are the easiest to wear, even more easily than bags and shoes.

The light reflecting is one of characteristics of PVC, it will make our body size amplified, so if you are not thin like Anna Dello Russo, please do not challenge the dress skirt.

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