Is the leather seat in our car real?

People buy cars in pursuit of high-end class, “leather seats” is absolutely standard. Sales of multiple leather seats can rub up, as a result, car companies began to use their brains. How many “leather seats” car is using genuine leather? Let’s watch it together. Watch it carefully.
Let’s first find out which kinds of leather are used in the car, which is also convenient for self-identification. PU/PVC leather in fact, this is what often say leather, which is relatively low-cost and also the most widely used.
PVC Leather
PVC leather is the most commonly used. Leather on the  leather seats of the ¥100000 joint-venture car are often joined like this. The two pieces of the bottom and back are leather, and the rest are PVC leather. PU leather leather is more advanced than PVC. From the aspect of strengthness, service life, comfort, PU is a better choice. These years, famous international brands like the LV and Burberry and other brands will choose non leather materials, such as PVC/PU leather, because under normal temperature, the chemical stability and the physical properties (wear resistance) of these materials are better than leather. A story said that there was a LV bag buried in Titanic inside ten years, salvaged like new. Most importantly, it is cheap! There is also a big-brand preference, car companies can certainly not miss. So where are these two materials usually in the car? The back of the seat, the leather on the door, etc.
Alcantara material  
First of all, Alcantara is not leather. The material originated in Japan  and is made up of polyester (68%) and polycarbamate (32%). It feels like leather, but it’s not real leather. It’s generally suitable for instrument table packages and  seat corners.
Although it’s just synthetic material, it’s very expensive.  Alcantara is also a new luxury material, and many fashion brands are  using Alcantara to make their products.
NAPPA leather 
We call it Napapi, which is rather called aristocratic leather. For example,  some high-end models, such as Mercedes S-Class, BMW, Audi and so on, use the interior decoration of the whole Napapi.  Napa leather also known as imitation Napa, it is divided into grain  skin, soft skin, litchi grain cattle skin, soft and lustrous hand to  make the NAPPA skin appears more noble.
Grain skin belongs to the high-grade material in leather, and the surface of grain of grain skin also has a natural wax feeling. The clearer the grain surface is, the higher the grade is; the higher the glossiness of grain skin is, the more tender and smooth the skin is, which is generally used in high-end models.

The difference 

Alcantara is not leather, but a synthetic fabric.  NAPPA can be leather or synthetic leather. Alcantara is more wear-resistant, 

skid resistant, more expensive and  more breathable among these two products, and is generally used as a  luxury garment,seat steering wheels of luxury car or supercar . Nappa is  usually used in the seat and part of the upper class passenger car  interior, with a soft, smooth feel.  
Is there no real leather in the car? 
The answer is yes, there are real leather in the car. But there are also different kinds of real leather, some are cheap and some are expensive.  Let’s first look at the difference between the first layer and the  second layer.
A skin is cut into two pieces, the upper part is called the leather of the first layer and  the lower part is called the leather of the second layer. PVC is sprayed to act as the epidermis when processing the leather of the second layer.
Then what  kind of car will have the whole leather?   
It’s usually super brand, such as Royce, Bentley, etc. According to  statistics, a Bentley Muchan needs to use 17 cowhide. A Rolls-Royce also  needs at least 11 whole skins, about the size of a wall.  There is no need to be so extravagant. It is only necessary to use real leather in certain places  (such as walking boxes, handbrake rods) and leather in other places.  
How to distinguish real leather from synthetic leather?   
The simplest way is to observe with the naked eye, the real leather has the  grain sense, the synthetic skin has no line grain.
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